Peking To Paris 2019 Book

The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge is so much more than a motor rally. In its category, classic marathon, it is, without question, the most challenging by far. Indeed, it is the ultimate. And, being so much more than a motor rally, it is also a life-changer. Those who choose to climb Everest do so for many reasons. Yes, it’s the world’s highest mountain but few attempt it purely for the technical climbing experience, and very few make the summit. They do it as a personal challenge and to experience what only few are brave enough, able or privileged to undertake. And so it is with Peking to Paris. It is simply a life challenge which uses the medium of motor rallying in classic cars as its raison d’être.

It provides one of the world’s last remaining great motoring adventures, pushing crews and historic rally machinery to the limit of endurance, communicating values of Heritage, Preservation, Quality, Craftsmanship, Engineering and International Camaraderie. With incredible cars from 1907 tricycle to 1958 Bentley driven by personalities from all walks of life and background (from USA, China, Russia, USA, Europe, South America, …) – united in a common goal: TO REACH PARIS !

It is the most demanding, organised event in current times that caters for both the experienced and inexperienced, in any discipline. Amateur sailors can join a round-the-world race but only as part of an experienced crew. Peking-to-Paris welcomes all levels of ability and experience, and the crews are dropped into the deep end with the most demanding navigation and terrain being experienced from the outset as the rally crosses from China into Mongolia. The sheer duration, while initially clearly obvious, cannot be readily put into perspective since it is more than a month; nearly 10% of a year. Apart from the strain, wear and tear inflicted on the vehicles (some of which are centenarians), the stresses on simple human relationships come to the fore quite early on in the adventure.

Undoubtedly, to win this event or any specific class or category, is a goal and success is commendable but, for the great majority, simply arriving at the Place Vendôme in Paris is what rapidly becomes their realistic tar get. It is no exaggeration to say that the event is a life changing experience. Apart from a first-hand, real comprehension of the sheer size and beauty of this planet and the breadth of human culture and lifestyle that was previously a mere impression, living with and learning to exist with such a mixed group over a considerable time, and in varying and often testing circumstances, is a life lesson in itself and a very enjoyable and entertaining one at that.